Central Banks Buy $27.2 Billion in Gold – The Most Since World War II

Worried about the next recession?
That’s what central banks around the world are doing.
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Gold is currently trading at $1,287 per ounce. That means you could secure the yellow metal at a huge 77% discount!
Central banks are currently buying gold at a rapid pace. In fact, back during World War II was the last time they were buying gold this quickly.
Last year, central banks purchased $27.2 BILLION in gold.
That marks a 74% increase from 2017, according to the World Gold Council.
The following chart shows the dramatic change in the last decade. Between 2000 and 2009, banks were net sellers of gold.
That changed after the financial crisis. And ever since, they’ve been aggressively buying gold.
buy goldTurkey, Kazakhstan, India, Iraq, Poland and Hungry are among the biggest recent buyers of gold.
In fact, some banks like Russia’s central bank are SELLING U.S. Treasury bonds . . .  and going “all in” on gold.
Russia sold nearly all of its U.S. Treasury bonds . . . and bought 274.3 tons of gold – valued at $11.3 billion.
These big banks are buying gold today for $1,287 per ounce.
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There’s also growing demand for physical gold. Last year, gold used to make coins and bars increased by 4%.
With the stock market falling in late 2018 and global economic growth slowing, folks are nervous.
During times of uncertainty, gold is one of the safest investments. And that’s why there’s growing demand for gold coins and bars.
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