VIDEO: Trading Silver Options

Andy Crowder likes to stay away from risky, speculative trades. So why is he now trading options on silver?

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Don’t Wait, Don’t Guess

It’s not too late to buy gold and silver. That statement probably fills you with the comfort of knowing that you can put off your purchases until… Read more

One Simple Reason Why the Fed is a Criminal Organization

The Fed is either a criminal organization, or the entire basis of our laws, statutes and the very principles of government that we obey, believe and rely on… Read more

I’m Going Almost all in on an Asset Class

There's an asset class that's historically cheap right now. And my wife and I are taking advantage of it.

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Silver’s Best Kept Secret

Though silver is up nearly 10% this month, an unseen force can take the metal higher over the next several months – to a price above $40.

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The Definitive Hyperinflation List

The average investor knows next to nothing about hyperinflation – but they should.

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Is It Time to Sell Platinum?

I don’t own any physical platinum bullion. But I trade platinum under a very specific set of circumstances that tends to result in 10-150% gains in 1-24 months.

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A Dangerous, $104 Million Pay Day

Are you a tax cheat? If you are, or are even thinking about being one – the Internal Revenue Service wants you and everyone you know to hear about… Read more

ChartWatch: Silver Still Looks Hot

Back in June, I told you that if silver can stay above $27.50 an ounce, it will likely rally another 40%. Now that it's up to $32.33, I still… Read more

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