One Simple Reason Why the Fed is a Criminal Organization

The Fed is either a criminal organization, or the entire basis of our laws, statutes and the very principles of government that we obey, believe and rely on are moot.

I know it’s a strong statement – which is why I intend to prove it to you without a shadow of a doubt over the next few hundred words.

And I base my case entirely on the vital concept known as the Rule of Law.

It’s a fact that most people do not understand the Rule of Law.  

You hear the phrase a lot – and it’s not just something for characters in cop shows to bellow dramatically.

It actually means something – and it’s important. Some people say the Rule of Law is the entire basis of western governance.

The simplest explanation of the Rule of Law is this – the Rule of Law is that everyone (even government officials) have to obey the law. The law can’t be circumvented by anyone regardless of rank, station, wealth, or character.

Before the advent of democracy and the idea of egalitarianism, the Rule of Law did not exist. The king made laws – but he didn’t have to follow them. All men were not created equal.

The law did not apply to kings or noblemen – only to serfs and peasants.

Today, it’s illegal to counterfeit money. If you print money from your home office, you’re likely to receive a visit from the Secret Service and probably end up in prison for up to 10 years.

But the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air all of the time. Notice that the Fed is distinct and separate from the U.S. Treasury – which according to the Constitution is the only entity allowed to mint coins and create currency units.

Either you have to accept that the Federal Reserve is breaking the law – or you have to believe that this country does not abide by the Rule of Law. We’re serfs and peasants – and while we have to follow the law, our kings (the federal government) do not have to.

They can enforce the law as they wish – imprisoning regular people who even try to set up alternate currencies. Just ask Bernard Von NotHaus, who may be spending the rest of his life in prison for the heinous crime of minting his own silver coins.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve creates new dollar units with the click of a mouse. And while their policies and money printing are infinitely more damaging to the United States and its citizens, no one from the Fed will face justice for their crimes.

So which is it: are the Fed criminals, or are our laws moot?

Are you the victim of a criminal counterfeiting organization, or are you a serf?

How will you protect yourself in either case?

I’m STILL buying gold and silver. I hope you do the same.

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