Don’t Wait, Don’t Guess

It’s not too late to buy gold and silver. That statement probably fills you with the comfort of knowing that you can put off your purchases until later.

But at some point, it will be too late to buy gold and silver. And at that precise moment, most of the market’s participants will be clamoring to buy – which is precisely when you should sell.

And while I believe that day is not near, I hope that you will take me seriously when I say that you shouldn’t wait much longer to make your gold and silver purchases.

I emphasize this point explicitly and strongly for people who are waiting to make their initial gold and silver purchase. If you haven’t bought any physical precious metals, please don’t wait. I hope you take me seriously. I have no ulterior motive with this plea.

I’m not selling gold or silver. It’s my job to give you actionable commodity investment ideas, and my best advice consistently has been to buy gold and silver bullion – hold it close, keep it secret, keep it safe and don’t tell anyone.

In the past, I’ve pulled up complicated charts to show you why “now is a good time to buy” or even, “why you should wait to buy.”

And I can pull up these charts, or facts, figures, statistics or quotes to support my general feeling about the gold and silver markets at any given moment.

Whenever I do, I always include the caveat that you probably shouldn’t wait. You probably shouldn’t try to time a purchase. You should buy regularly – blindly even – at intervals throughout the year.

If you had listened to this caveat rather than my “guesstimates” about whether it was a good time to buy or not, you’d be ahead of the game.

Timing is for comedy, not investing.

The fact is, we’re in the middle (perhaps towards the end) of a major commodity super cycle. Physical gold and silver, in my opinion, are the best and simplest ways to take advantage of this trend.

The more gold and silver you own before the end of this cycle, the better protected you’ll be from inflation and currency crisis. The more gold and silver you own before the end of this cycle, the more wealth you’ll have to deploy for the next bull market in some other asset.

As I said, we have time to buy more. How much time? I can’t say.

And the longer you wait, the more you put yourself at risk for missing out – and the higher price you’ll likely pay for your gold and silver.

I’ve mentioned that I used Blanchard and kitco for my bullion purchases. I’ve had a good experience with them and they both have a wide range of bullion products. My favorites are American eagles and Canadian maples (for both gold and silver).

Invest accordingly, and have a great weekend.

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