3 Stocks to Ride Out Trump’s Trade War

Donald Trump doubled down on his trade war with China last month. U.S. investors were the first to experience the blowback from Trump’s trade war. Protect your investment portfolio… Read more

The Surprising Tax Benefits of a Popular High-Yield Investment

If you pay attention to the composition of a REIT’s dividend, you can manage your tax liability by which REITs you buy. Read more

MLPs or REITs: Which Is the Better Income Investment?

For the best income investment, examine the differences between REITs and MLPs. Here are the most important elements for income investors. Read more

A Hated High-Yield Investment Every Income Investor Should Love

Perceived risk has led many investors to sell off REITs. But there is one specific type of REIT that income investors should not pass up. Learn why it delivers… Read more

Huge Dividend Growth and a Huge Starting Dividend Yield

Colony NorthStar shares have drawn a surge of institutional investors with an outlook of dividend growth. And, the shares are a bargain. Read more

Warren Buffett’s Latest Buy: A REIT With a 5% Yield

REITs have been underperforming, but Warren Buffett’s purchase of nearly a 10% stake in Store Capital may signal new confidence in the outlook for REITs. Read more

Rising Interest Rates and Your Dividend Stocks: What to Expect

Higher interest rates are here and more rate hikes could be in store. But don’t throw in the towel quite yet on your high-yield dividend stocks. Read more

3 REITs to Buy Even if Interest Rates Rise

These REITs are well-run operations that can withstand all interest rate cycles; they are REITs to buy even if the Fed raises rates this year. Read more

An Iron-Clad Real Estate Investment With a 6% Dividend Yield

The Iron Mountain dividend and its 6% yield are among this REIT’s multiple appeals. It offers share-price appreciation in a unique REIT niche, in addition to dividend growth. Read more

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