2 Top Ways To Play Real Estate Trends Now

Investors can benefit from the huge demand in apartments and rising rents. Here are two top apartment REITs that unlock the door to profits. Read more

Is It Time to Dump Your High-Yield Investments?

Some investors are selling their high-yield investments ahead of December on the expectation that the Fed will raise the federal funds rate. But their fear creates your opportunity. Read more

A High-Yield Dividend Found In the High-Growth E-Commerce Sector

Income investors can exploit the growth opportunities in e-commerce via industrial warehouses. And here is the REIT to do just that. Read more

Gladstone Commercial: The Goldilocks of High-Yield REITs

Gladstone Commercial, a REIT with 99 properties in 24 states, is a dependable high-yield investment for every portfolio. The Gladstone dividend is just right, delivered in just-right increments, at… Read more

How E-Commerce Is Transforming Industrial REITs

The once-sleepy segment of industrial REITs has turned into a hotbed of activity, thanks to the massive growth of e-commerce. Here are the top industrial REITs investors should consider. Read more

Warren Buffett Offers Another Reason to Stay Invested

Like Warren Buffett, I have adhered to a historically productive investment strategy rather than reacting to market undulations and speculation. I’m glad I did. Read more

Are REITs Headed for a Fall?

Interest-rate-sensitive sectors like REITs will feel the pain when rates rise. Is it time to rethink REITs in your portfolio? Read more

Time to Book a 6.2% Dividend Yield With This Hotel REIT

This smallish hotel REIT, with an $820 million equity market cap, has grown its dividend at a 16% average annual rate over the past three years. Read more

3 Ways to Invest if the Fed Holds Interest Rates Steady

If the Fed keeps interest rates unchanged in light of May’s disappointing jobs report, there are three key sectors that are poised to benefit. Read more

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