A Safe (and Permanent) Income Alternative to Dividend Stocks

One day, the dividend bubble will pop. It might not be tomorrow, or next year – but when it happens, you probably don’t want to be heavily reliant on… Read more

How Dividend Stocks Can Pay $480 a Month

By now, many of you know the value of owning dividend stocks. But you may not know which ones to buy, or how to collect the dividend payments once… Read more

Novo Nordisk (NVO): A Dividend Growth Maverick

Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO) is one possible solution to "breaking the dividend stock cartel."

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Ben Bernanke Says ‘Buy Dividend Stocks’

While Bernanke didn't explicitly tell investors to buy dividend stocks, the message is clear: investors who want to earn a decent income need to turn to alternative income investments.

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Three Dividend Stocks That Made Big Moves Today

Three stocks that pay high dividends that made big gains on Thursday.

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Best of 2011: Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks became a safe haven amid rampant volatility in 2011. Here were three that truly shined.

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Four Dividend Stocks with Better Credit Ratings than the U.S. Treasury

With the U.S. Treasury having its credit rating slashed, Treasury Bonds aren't the low-risk investment they once were. Here are four dividend stocks that are safer, and more profitable,… Read more

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