Join Sam’s Club and Get Its Secret 6% Dividend Yield

Sam Zell is the founding father of publicly traded real estate, known as REITs. The Covanta dividend is a profitable way investors can get to known him. Read more

The High-Yield Bank Better Than Warren Buffett’s Bank

Berkshire Hathaway owns 950 million Bank of America shares. I see the attraction for Warren Buffett. But among bank stocks, there’s one I like even better. Read more

Why I Love the World’s Most Hated Dividend Stock

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Forget Fantasy Freedom Dividends. Go With Legitimate Liberty Checks Instead

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s $1,000-a-month payout proposal is makes a great fantasy. To boost your income now, consider Liberty Checks. Read more

The Fed Is Pinching Your Savings

The Fed cut rates this week, putting another pinch on savers to stimulate the economy. What’s an income investor to do? Read more

Will You Get Taken by This ‘10.9%’ Dividend Yield?

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A Record Dividend Payout: Did You Collect Your Fair Share?

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Buy This Dividend-Paying Retailer Instead of

Everyone concedes that deserves the higher multiple it carries. I still prefer eBay stock over Here’s why. Read more

How 5 Investors Like You Became Multi-Millionaires

These five ordinary people became multi-millionaires, accumulating wealth that requires seven or eight digits to measure. Learn how they did it. Read more

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