Amazon’s New Move to Crush AI Rivals

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has fallen behind tech rivals in the AI race.

But it has been trying to boost its standing with new offerings at AWS.

AWS now wants to become the go-to place for companies to host and fine-tune their custom generative AI models.

To do so, AWS recently announced the launch of Custom Model Import.

It’s a new feature in Bedrock, its AI app development platform.

AWS says “tens of thousands” of businesses are using Bedrock.

According to the VP of generative AI at AWS…

“There have been AWS customers that have been fine-tuning or building their own models outside of Bedrock using other tools. This Custom Model Import capability allows them to bring their own proprietary models to Bedrock and see them right next to all of the other models that are already on Bedrock – and use them with all of the workflows that are also already on Bedrock as well.”

Amazon doesn’t have a defining AI partnership like Microsoft with OpenAI.

But the company is doing everything it can to catch up in the AI race.

That’s why it introduced Amazon Q last November, an AI chatbot for companies and developers.

It has also released two new AI models called Titan.

One is the Titan image generator.

And the other one is the Titan text-embeddings V2 models.

But they don’t have the fame ChatGPT has.

Frankly, AI will be bigger than the Internet, mobile, and cloud computing.

That’s why tech giants are doing everything they can to be well positioned for the AI boom.

But tech is not the only industry undergoing a massive transformation because of AI.

The world of finance is too.

That’s why firms like BlackRock (NYSE: BLK), Citigroup (NYSE: C) and JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) are investing billions in new AI trading technology.

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