Microsoft’s AI Assistant Automates This Entire Industry

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) AI assistant is starting to automate the coding industry.

It’s helping coders do their job better while saving HUNDREDS of hours a month.

Sort of like how this AI trading assistant is helping investors uncover better and bigger trades.

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Back in 2021…

Software developer Nikolai Avteniev saw a preview version of Microsoft’s Copilot coding assistant.

It wasn’t perfect and it couldn’t be relied on 100%.

Yet it was still able to finish lines of code with just a few prompts.

Fast forward to today, and now infused with OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT-4…

Copilot can do a LOT more.

In fact, it is now gradually automating the entire coding industry.

And revolutionizing the lives of software engineers along the way.

Microsoft says Copilot has attracted 1.3 million customers. That includes 50,000 businesses – from small startups to big corporations like Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), Ford (NYSE: F), and Ernst & Young (private).

The tech giant is betting its AI assistant has the horsepower to crush rivals like Amazon’s CodeWhisperer and Google-backed Replit Ghostwriter.

The world of tech is undergoing a MASSIVE transformation because of AI.

But it’s not just the tech industry.

The world of trading is changing dramatically too.

New AI tools are transforming how trading is done on Wall Street.

These new AI trading tools were once the exclusive domain of big banks and wealthy investors.

But they’re not anymore.

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My team and I set out to develop an AI Trading Agent that could level the playing field – and offer the same unfair advantage to everyday investors.

The result?

Our AI Trading Agent is now delivering 80% WINNING trades.

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In the same way coders can now have an AI assistant for their line of work…

You can have your own personal AI assistant for your trades.

An AI trading assistant that has the power to turn data into profitable decisions way better than any human can.

With this power in your hands…

You can now say goodbye to reacting to market changes.

Instead, you rely on an AI trading tool that has proven to deliver winning trades with an incredible 80% accuracy.

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