California’s New Minimum Wage Disaster

The California minimum wage destruction continues.

Layoffs… businesses shutting down… and now price hikes across the board.

Another price hike is the LAST thing Americans need.

What we need is effective ways to boost their income.

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Scott Rodrick owns 18 McDonald’s franchises in California.

This year is his family’s 50th year in the McDonald’s business.

But in response to California’s new $20 minimum wage law…

He now needs to do everything he can to his franchises afloat.

He sees layoffs as a last resort method.

So he’s rising prices up to 7%.

He’s far from the only fast-food restaurant doing so of course.

In fact, according to Kalinowski Equity Research…

Wendy’s has increased its menu prices by about 8%… Taco Bell 3%… Starbucks 7%… and Chipotle 7.5%.

This is not a shock to anyone who understands basic economics.

Any business must be able to cover the cost of a hire plus make a profit on the hire’s labor. Employees cannot cost more than their value to the bottom line.

Businesses exist for only one reason: To make a profit.

And if you increase their cost for paying their employees by 25%…

It’s no surprise that they raise prices, fire some of their staff, etc.

In short: Higher wages ended up rising prices for everybody…

… and many of those who demanded higher wages now finding themselves unemployed.

Was it ultimately worth it?

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