Nvidia’s AI Faces This New Threat

It’s no secret that Nvidia is one of the biggest winners in the AI race.

But the AI chip maker is also facing growing competition.

Many tech companies building large language models (LLM) are now trying to release their reliance on the AI chip maker.

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The AI boom has caught almost everyone by surprise.

Even tech giants like Google and Meta.

That’s why they’ve furiously gobbled up Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) very expensive AI chips…

So that they could develop new generative AI tech.

As a result, Nvida’s revenues went through the roof. And the stock skyrocketed 220% over the last year.

This has made it the third most valuable company in the world.

As one analyst said, the company is practically “printing money.”

But now all these tech companies building large language models (LLM) are challenging Nvidia’s dominance.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), and even Meta (NASDAQ: META) are ALL trying to bring their chip generation in house – and stop giving so much money to Nvidia.

Google just introduced their Axiom Processors.

Intel announced their Gaudi 3 AI Chip.

The company says that it’s 40% better power efficiency than Nvidia’s H100 GPU.

And Meta announced their new AI chip as well.

This new chip is called MTIA – which stands for Meta Training and Interference Accelerator. And it offers three times the performance over their first-gen chip, according to Meta’s new article.

All these new chip announcements happened last week.

But Nvidia won’t go down easily – if at all.

In fact, back in Nvidia’s GTC conference earlier this year…

The chip maker announced their next-gen AI chip.

It’s called the NVIDIA Blackwell, which is supposedly already FOUR TIMES more powerful than current industry standard H100.

So, while all of the tech companies are all making their own chips…

Nvidia is still WAY out ahead with their latest generation chip.

The AI race is just getting started.

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