The New 2025 COLA Increase is a JOKE

According to a new article on mainstream media…

Your Social Security COLA increase could be bigger than expected in 2025.

Problem is… it’s expected to be 3% when we’re seeing price increases of 10%, 20%, and in the worst cases all the way up to 50%.

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Back in 2022…

The talking on heads on mainstream media described that year’s 8.7% COLA as “the largest increase in decades.”

But with price hikes as high as 10% and 20% across the board…

I called it the Social Security SWINDLE of 2022.

2023 was no different. In fact, it was worse.

Social Security recipients got a measly 2.7% bump.

It was an increase so small that it barely made a dent.

Especially considering the soaring cost of everyday items we’ve seen since 2021.

Unfortunately, the same story is about to happen again next year.

According to a new analysis from The Senior Citizens League (a nonpartisan, nonprofit seniors advocacy group), the COLA in 2025 is forecast at 3%.

The COLA increases are an absolute JOKE.

With the sky-high prices that we have…

And the specter of inflation getting worse…

SS recipients are about to get swindled, AGAIN.

Frankly, it’s disgraceful.

As a Senior Citizens League policy analyst has said…

“The job of Social Security since the 1930s has been to lift older Americans out of poverty.”

Well, I don’t think this new 3% COLA is a great way to accomplish that job.

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Ian Wyatt

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