JPMorgan Issues New Gloomy Forecast

JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) says…

The recent slump in the stock market is likely to be the start of a deeper sell-off.

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Marko Kolanovic is JPMorgan’s chief market strategist.

Yesterday, he issued a new warning for investors.

Although stocks rebounded this week, he thinks the market still faces many macroeconomic threats that make him think the recent market sell-off has further to go.

These threats include…

  • Dwindling expectations that the Fed will cut rates this year
  • The massive inflation problem that we got
  • And higher-than-average equity valuations

In his own words:

“Price action may depend on earnings and could stabilize near-term. Beyond this, however, we think the sell-off has further to go. We remain concerned about continued complacency in equity valuations, inflation staying too hot, further Fed repricing, and a profit outlook where the implied acceleration this year might end up too optimistic.”

Now, I’m not sure if he’ll be proven right.

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