Las Vegas Predicts 2020 Presidential Election: Latest Results

Who will win the 2020 Presidential Election?
Las Vegas just released the latest prediction.
And things are looking GOOD for President Trump.
Plus, Trump’s plan to send “2020 Election Checks” to every LEGAL American will help secure the White House.
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Bookies in Las Vegas are taking bets on the 2020 presidential election. And right now, Trump’s chances of reelection are at an all-time high.
President Trump currently has a 57.5% chance of winning on Nov. 3.
Polls reflect how people say they may vote. And in the 2016 election they were completely unreliable.
Yet the line in Vegas shows how people are placing their bets and where they’re putting their money. And that may be a better indicator of the actual election results.
Money speaks louder than words.
The following data shows Trump as the clear leader.
Take a look at the column, on the right side (labeled Jan. 29). For President Trump, it shows that you must bet $135 in order to WIN $100.
Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is in second place . . . with a payout of $350 for every $100 bet. And a $100 bet on Joe Biden would pay out $550 if he wins.
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Now, I’m not a gambler. And I’m not putting money on the 2020 election.
However, I’ve spent the last month digging into Trump’s reelection strategy. And I’ve discovered some shocking news . . .
President Trump plans to send out “2020 Election Checks” to every American.
In fact, you could collect $14,985 before election day on Nov. 3.
In fact, the next payment could total $1,110 or more – before the end of February.
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Ian Wyatt

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