My Investing Strategy for Troubled Times

With coronavirus . . .  the upcoming election season . . .  Brexit . . .  and other wild cards affecting the markets, it’s fair to ask, “What is the best investment strategy for profiting in times like these?”investing strategy
I’ve received at least a hundred emails asking exactly that since the beginning of the year.
Well, it’s not surprising that I’m a big proponent of diversification via  stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities . . . and a few alternative strategies. (Click here for my favorite investing strategy.)
The first four are easy. Set it and forget it, long-term investing. Typically, 80% or more goes to these forms of passive investing.
But what about the other 20%?
My favorite investing strategy, and the one with the best track record, is my earnings season strategy.
It’s a short-term system that delivers big profits in all market environments.
Here’s why:

  • It’s completely independent of how the overall market is performing.
  • It doesn’t involve guessing the direction of a stock.
  • You don’t have to buy stocks or any risky options.
  • All emotion is removed from your buy/sell decisions in this investing strategy.
  • Trades are simple and only last about 19 hours!

Over the past two weeks I’ve made four trades… with gains of 13.6% in Procter & Gamble (PG) . . . 17.6% in International Business Machines (IBM) . . .  29.9% in Texas Instruments (TXN) . . . and 13.6% in Microsoft (MSFT) . . .  in and out of each trade in less than a day!
But it’s only just begun.
This week we have opportunities in Conoco-Phillips (COP), Disney (DIS), Merck (MRK), Qualcomm and several others . . . and for the next six to eight weeks we can expect to see even more opportunities. Click here to learn more.
Disney and Qualcomm are the highest on my list.
Literally hundreds upon hundreds of companies are due to announce over the next several weeks and I plan on taking advantage of the best possible opportunities.
I’m not worried about trading anything and everything. I only want to make trades where I know I have the best chance of making a profit.
I have a strict screening process that limits my trades each earnings season. On average I make about 8-15 trades per earnings season because it’s the quality of the trades, not the quantity of trades that make us successful.
My overall average return on the 80 trades we’ve made since initiating the strategy at the beginning of November 2017: 10.4% per trade.
Win rate: 79.6%.
These quick one-day trades based purely on a quantitative, mechanical approach. Probabilities are our foundation.
Want to learn this simple trading system that delivers reliable profits under any market conditions? Go here to sign up for my free one-hour briefing on this investing strategy.

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