Can Bernie Sanders STOP Trump in 2020?

Who can beat President Trump?
That’s the single question keeping Democrats up at night. And Trump may be even more difficult to beat…
Since he plans to send out “2020 Election Checks” to Americans.
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There’s still a crowded field of 12 Democrats fighting for the party’s nomination. While Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren were early leaders . . .
Sen. Bernie Sanders is emerging as the frontrunner – just days before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.
Bernie Sanders support has been surging in Iowa and New Hampshire. And he’s also leading in California.
Big wins in these early primaries could set him on track for the Democratic nomination in July.
Meanwhile, latest poll from the Wall Street Journal places Bernie Sanders one point ahead of Biden. According to another poll from Emerson College Polling . . .
Bernie Sanders is the only Democrat who has a chance at beating President Trump.
His advantage is a tiny 51% to 49% – which is less than the polling margin of error.
bernie sanders
Yet Democrats don’t yet realize that Trump is quietly making big moves . . .
In order to 100% assure reelection in 2020.
Now, here in the United States it’s ILLEGAL to buy votes. For example, the Trump campaign can’t approach voters at the polls and offer $20 or $50 for their vote.
Yet the president could still issue these “2020 Election Checks” to every American right before election day.
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