Double Your Social Security Check – Before You Retire

$1,461 per month.retirement income
Is it enough to cover YOUR living expenses in retirement? Probably NOT.
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  • $17,760 in 2017
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So, what’s this all about?
In 2017 President Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill passed landmark tax cuts. And buried at the end of this bill was a little-known provision known as Section #965.
That law is forcing America’s biggest tax dodgers to bring cash back into the U.S.
That means big companies like Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) must move billions back into the U.S. Plus, hundreds of small and mid-cap stocks are doing the same exact thing.
Many of these companies are electing to send billions of dollars back to their stakeholders. And that’s great news because . . .
Most Americans Can NOT Count on Social Security

Sure, Social Security sounds great.
“Guaranteed income for retired Americans.”
It sounds great for retirement income – until you do the math . . .
AARP reports that the average Social Security Check is just $1,461 per month. And that works out to $2,922 in retirement income for a married couple.
Unfortunately, the typical retired couple has monthly living expenses of $3,800.
+ $2,922 Income
– $3,800 Living Expenses
= $878 Monthly Shortfall
That means the typical married couple needs an extra $878 per month – just to cover the bills.
Twenty years ago, you could’ve earned 4% with CDs. Or 5% to 6% with bonds. Yet low interest rates make that impossible today.
$100k invested in 2% bonds will ONLY give you $167 in monthly income!
That’s why you need a better retirement income solution.
Here’s the good news:
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