President Trump’s #1 Liberty Check Payer

$929 million in total Liberty Check payments.liberty check
That’s how much one little-known American steel company has already mailed out to regular folks.
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Since taking office, President Trump has promoted America’s steel industry. He wants U.S. companies to buy American steel – rather than importing lower cost products from China.
That’s why the U.S. put a 25% tariff on foreign steel imports in 2018.
This has led to a boom for one U.S. stock that’s a key supplier to the steel makers.
Over the last 3-years, the company’s revenues have jumped from $1.1 billion to $1.4 billion. Meanwhile, the company’s profits surged 44%.
Total profits over the last three years are around $1.8 billion!
Now most corporations might use this cash to make acquisitions, build a new headquarters, or issue big bonuses to the executives.
Yet this overlooked American company is doing the RIGHT thing – and rewarding its stakeholders. In fact, the firm has already issued $929 million in Liberty Checks in just the last three years.
Imagine collecting . . .

  • $4,105 in November 2017
  • $2,307 in April 2018
  • $1,450 in May 2019

That’s how much you could have collected – from just one company.
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Tax Cuts Spark Record Payouts to Americans

President Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill paved the way for Liberty Checks.
That’s because the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act essentially forced American companies to send out record payments.
A little-known provision known as Section #965 requires companies to pay taxes on their offshore cash. And that’s encouraging them to bring money back in to the U.S.
My research shows that an increasing number of companies returning capital to stakeholders. And huge Liberty Check payments have become increasingly popular.
Yet most Americans still aren’t familiar with these huge one-time payments.
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Ian Wyatt
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