NY State Health Department Recommends 100% Legal Weed

The New York State Department of Health report has a shocking conclusion . . .pot stocks
And even liberal Gov. Andrew Cuomo was surprised by the recommendation.
This report paves the way for 100% legal cannabis in the state of New York.
This could expand the legal cannabis market to America’s fourth-largest state. With nearly 20 million people, New York would be a huge new market.
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Back in January, Gov. Cuomo made an unusual request . . .
He asked the New York Department of Health to research the prospects for legal cannabis in the state.
After six months of research, the Regulated Marijuana Report just landed on the governor’s desk.
State agencies and outside experts considered public health, safety and tax revenue potential. And the report found that . . .
It has become less a question of whether to legalize but how to do so responsibly.”
The report discusses how legal cannabis could help the opioid crisis in New York.
Specifically, the Department of Health found that expanding cannabis could reduce dependence on opioids.
This “greatly reduces the chance of dependence and eliminates the risk of fatal overdose compared to opioid-based medications.”
That may be the perfect solution to a crisis that’s affecting Americans across the country.
$3.5 BILLION Market
New York state has a huge population.
According to polls, 10% of New Yorkers have smoked cannabis within the last 30 days.
The New York Department of Health estimates that the market could be as large as $3.5 BILLION!
That could generate over $500 million in annual tax revenue. And the promise of tax revenues is forcing action in the region.
Across the river, New Jersey is also working to fully legalize cannabis with hopes of $300 million in tax revenue.
Meanwhile, Pennsylvania is also eyeing the rollout of recreational weed . . . targeting $580 in annual tax revenues.
States on both coasts are quickly legalizing cannabis . . .
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