HBO Host Fumbles Your Liberty Check Details

Frankly, I’m a little surprised that more people aren’t talking about these “liberty checks.”liberty check

On Sunday night, HBO’s John Oliver revealed details on the latest tax overhaul.

Yet he failed to “connect the dots.”

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Corporate America is getting rich from Section 965 of the Trump tax cuts. Meanwhile, the average family earning $75k to $100k per year will see just $1,310 in benefits.

Here’s the thing: There’s an easy way for you to collect big profits from the tax cuts.

You could be collect $1,380 every 20 days (on average), according to our exclusive research over nearly three years.

Plus, the next liberty check goes out on April 27 – and it’s going to be huge. This payout could put $3,360 in your pocket – and potentially much more.

Better Than Social Security

Most folks count on Social Security, bonds and dividend stocks for retirement income.

But everyone knows it tough to make ends meet. Here’s what a 65-year-old with $100,000 invested in dividend stocks – and $100,000 in bonds – could expect to earn every month.

  • $933 from social security
  • $417 from dividend stocks
  • $292 from bonds
  • TOTAL: $1,642

That’s right. If you’ve got $200,000 in retirement savings – and start collecting Social Security – you can expect to pull in around $1,642 per month.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average retired household spends $40,938 per year. That’s $3,412 in monthly expenses.

If you do the math, it’s easy to see the monthly deficit.

Tax Cuts and Liberty Checks

That’s where liberty checks come in.

These large payouts from corporate America happen with shocking regularity. In fact, we’ve had a shot at collecting these payments every 20 days.

Plus, the average payout is larger than the average Social Security payment.

Liberty checks aren’t perfect for everyone. But if you’re looking to catch up – and make up for lost time – they could be the perfect solution.

The next payout goes out on April 27. And it’ll be the single largest payment thus far in 2018.

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