Top 10 List: America’s Dividend Secret

Growing up as a kid in Wisconsin in the 1990s, I always LOVED watching The Late Show with David Letterman. One of my favorite segments of the show was David’s nightly Top 10 List.
Last night, I was watching Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, and it sparked my idea for this newsletter.
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Here’s Today’s TOP 10 LIST for July 26:

Reasons you need to collect these special payouts,

starting on August 15 . . .

#10: Make Just 1 to 2 Trades Per Month
Most folks trade FAR too much.  At 5 to 10 trades per week, who gets rich? Your stock broker. Tons of activity is a great way to drain your account in short order.
#9: Collect 12.9% AVERAGE 1-Day Dividends
1.9% dividends from the S&P 500 are horrible. Invest $100k, earn $475 every three months. You need HIGHER YIELDS. And these trades are paying out an AVERAGE YIELD of 12.9%  ̶  overnight.
#8: New Trades Every 17 Days
You won’t get “bored” with this strategy. With new trade alerts every 17 days  ̶  on average  ̶    you’ll have plenty of ACTION to keep you engaged. More importantly, you’ll likely be 100% satisfied with the returns.
#7: No Options, Leverage or Margin
There are LOTS of promises out there about earning $36k per month . . . or doubling your account in three months. We both know that is 100% B.S. The only way to do that is with TONS of leverage. The beauty of this strategy is that it does NOT use options, leverage or margin. Simply BUY stocks, and collect income. It really is that simple.
#6: Win 82.3% of Trades
Wall Street’s BEST traders are “happy” if they WIN 50% of their trades. So, the floor traders are probably SHOCKED to hear that this strategy delivers 82.3% winners for the last year. Let’s face it: when you WIN four out of five trades, it’s EASY to beat the market.
#5: Avoid “Risky” High-Yield Stocks
REITs look attractive with 5% dividends. MLPs could be BIG, paying out 6%. But here’s the bottom line: these high-yield investments are pretty volatile. Every few years, they PLUNGE 20% to 30%, quickly erasing those big income payments.
#4: 75-Day Holding Period Limits Market Exposure
Most investors are in for the LONG TERM  ̶  until a crash scares them away. Yet this trading strategy focuses on quick trades. With an average holding period of just 75 days, overall market exposure is limited.
#3: The PERFECT Screener for Shareholder-Friendly Stocks
Most CEOs don’t give a ______ about their employees or shareholders. That’s a FACT. Only CEOs with “skin in the game”  ̶  and a commitment to shareholders  ̶  make these huge payouts. That’s why this could be the perfect “screener” for selecting shareholder-friendly stocks.
#2: Earn 86% Annualized Profits
Over the long-term, the Dow has returned about 8% per year. That’s a SOLID performance that satisfies many investors. Yet this strategy is delivering 86% annualized returns from America’s safe dividend stocks.  For folks looking for 10x returns, this makes a ton of sense.
#1: It’s Bernie Madoff “Fraud Proof”  ̶   Dividends Do NOT LIE
CEOs and accounting firms can cook the books. But there is ONE metric that can’t be manipulated by the crooks: it’s your dividends. Either the payments get made, or they do NOT. That’s why I like to say that YOUR DIVIDENDS are “fraud proof.”
There you have it: The Special Payout Top 10 List.
I think David Letterman  ̶  and Stephen Colbert  ̶  would be onboard with this!
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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