Treasury Bond Yields are Falling

Treasury bond yields are falling following a sharp drop in U.S. Nonfarm
Payrolls numbers. 10-year Treasury bond yields fell below 3% for the first
time since the depths of the financial crisis.

Interestingly, the weak employment numbers and the drop in Treasury yields
coincides with the end of the Fed’s bond-buying program known as QE2.

QE2 was designed to increase the supply of cheap money and encourage
investors to enter the stock market. But with QE2 scheduled to end in just
a few weeks, investors are beginning to exit the most risky stocks.

When uncertainty rises in the stock market, investors start buying
defensive assets like dividend stocks. High-yielding dividend stocks are
especially attractive in the current environment because they are among the
only assets that can guarantee investors a return that will beat inflation
and Treasury bond yields.

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