Alcoa Beats!

Last week’s rally ahead of earnings was a good indication that the stock
market had priced in lower 2Q earnings estimates. And in fact, stock prices
fell to the point where some upside was possible as earnings come in. It
sounds simplistic, but sometimes, stock prices must sell-off before they can

Alcoa’s (NYSE:AA) earnings last night were excellent. It would have been
predictable for Alcoa to miss on revenues and still come in with the right
earnings-per-share number. But Alcoa beat on revenues and boosted aluminum
demand for the year.

Perhaps even more importantly, railroad company CSX (NYSE:CSX) reported that
auto shipments were up big.

Both Alcoa and CSX are benefiting from an economic recovery that many
investors believe had softened in the second quarter.

*****I’ve already stolen much of the thunder from TradeMaster Jason
Cimpl’s pre-market alert. But I will share his outlook with you:

I want to see two things in the market today. First, I
want to see the bulls challenge 1085 resistance. Buyers have rallied the
indices 6% in a very short time, don’t stop at 1080.78. Second, volume needs
to pick up. Yesterday’s volume was low, very low. As long as it picks-up
today, I will attribute yesterday’s action to earnings uncertainty. Now that
a few reports are in, volume needs to pick-up, especially in an

Jason got his readers into 5 new positions last week to take
advantage of the upside he saw coming. All those positions are up between 4%
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*****The stocks I’ve mentioned recently, Citigroup (NYSE:C),
JP Morgan (NYSE:JPM) and Maguire Properties (NYSE:MPG) in
Daily Profit have all moved
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Now, as for my outlook on these stocks

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