One last thing from The Resource Prospector

I started writing this letter when I started working here at Wyatt Investment Research just about 3 years ago to the day.

I’ve been a commodity investor for close to 6 years and a professional writer for longer than that, but I had NEVER written a daily newsletter. When Ian Wyatt (the founder and CEO) asked me to write this letter after he hired me, I was overwhelmed. Writing 500 to 1,000 words a day, 5 days a week to an audience of thousands of people is emotionally humbling, mentally draining and time consuming. (I have other job functions on top of writing this letter!)

While I initially struggled with the output, I quickly grew to thoroughly enjoy the work. If you’ve ever had a job that you enjoyed doing, you know the kind of joy I’ve experienced. It’s a good feeling to get paid while helping people and there’s a very satisfying finality to starting and completing a whole new piece of editorial every day.

Sometimes it felt like I was yelling into the wind. I wrote more than one “Cassandra” piece where I suspected I was telling you things you neither believed nor wanted to believe or even had the patience to read.

Other times I received such generous and kind words of praise from you that it genuinely made my day.

If you’ve ever written in to me, you should know that I’ve read every single email I received. I didn’t always have time to respond, but I always made sure to read my mail.

I’m proud of my work. I always strived to put your interests first, and to only write to you about things I would want you to tell me if the shoe was on the other foot. That’s something that precious few people in this financial world can say.

Whenever I tell people what I do for a living, they usually say something about how horrible it must be to have to write every day under such strict deadlines.

But this task has proved to me that I can get used to anything. What was difficult and very time consuming at first has become second nature. And while I’m looking forward to working on other projects here at Wyatt, I will miss writing the RP.

I urge you to reach out to me if you ever have any questions about commodity investments. At risk of getting slammed with spam, this is my personal email address here at Wyatt: [email protected]

Rest assured, you will likely to see me in the pages of The Daily Profit on occasion – especially if we see big moves in the commodity space. And if I’m buying or selling any commodity investments, I’ll make sure you hear from me in The “DP” as we call it.

On the subject of the DP, you’re going to start receiving it on Monday (if you don’t already) and as a favor to me, I hope you’ll give it a fair shot. It’s written by ALL of our editors – a great team of analysts and researchers who run the gamut in terms of areas of expertise. Each day you’ll hear from a different editor with a different slant on the market – everything from value investing, income investing, commodities, options, trading – you name it.

 I know all of these editors personally, and work closely with them on a daily basis. So I know they have the same philosophy about being responsible advocates for your best interests.

 I thank you sincerely for being a loyal reader, and I wish you all the best in the future.

 Oh – and one last thing: BUY GOLD!

 Good investing,

 Kevin McElroy

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