The Only Way to Lose Money with Natural Gas

There’s one natural gas investment you must
avoid like the plague

Fellow Investor,

Recently, I wrote to let you know that it is a great time to buy
natural gas stocks. In fact, I’ve devoted an entire issue of
Ian Wyatt’s $100k Portfolio to the natural
gas opportunity.

But I also need to let you know that not all natural gas investments
are the same. In fact, there’s one very popular natural gas investment
out there that’s virtually guaranteed to lose you money, every

Over the last 9 months, the price of natural gas climbed off the floor
of $2.75 per thousand cubic feet up to nearly $4.25 today. That’s a 55%
gain. However, over that same time period, this widely held natural gas
investment lost 27%.

But, how can that be? How can a natural gas investment lose value as
the price of natural gas rises?

I’ll tell you…

Not All ETFs Are Created

By now, most investors are familiar with Exchange Traded Funds, or
ETFs. ETFs are baskets of stocks or other assets that trades like a
single stock. ETFs are usually created to give investors an easy way to
focus on a particular sector like oil services or technology.

If you bought an oil services ETF like the Oil Services HOLDRS
(AMEX:OIH), you’d have exposure to to many of the heavyweights in oil
services, like Transocean, Schlumberger, Halliburton, etc.

Like a mutual fund, an ETF is a great way to focus on a particular
theme, and still lessen the risk of owning an individual stock. But an
ETF is easier to buy and sell than a mutual fund, and doesn’t involve
hefty fees.

It’s easy to see why ETFs are popular. And ETFs are part of the
$100k Portfolio strategy.

So, it might seem that the United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSE:UNG)
would be a simple and effective way to profit from the rise in natural
gas prices. But unfortunately, all the UNG is good for is losing
investors’ money

The reason UNG loses money consistently has to do with its failed
strategy of buying and selling natural gas futures.

But all you really need to know about UNG is: DON’T OWN

If the price of the underlying commodity
for the UNG, natural gas, has risen 55%, then why has the UNG
posted a 27% loss in the same time frame? A failed buy and sell
strategy, of course.

Safety in

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More importantly, you’ll never end up owning a clunker of an asset
the United States Natural Gas Fund

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Ian Wyatt
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