30% Gains in One Month From This Silver Investment

Today I'm sending the second issue of my new service, Resource Prospector Pro out to subscribers. Last month I sent them the details on a small silver miner. So far, we're up 30% on this stock.

We were helped along by a resurgence of the bull market in silver – which is now up nearly 30% since January 1, 2012.

In the current issue, I reveal what I believe is likely to be the best investment of the next decade – regardless of what happens to the broad stock market, the commodity bull market or the world economy.

Though I've written about this company several times over the past few years, I was convinced that the time was right after a few of my colleagues here at Wyatt Research gave a presentation on the company for our in-house investment club recently.

As you may know, I rely heavily on the in-house talent of my coworkers. I do tons of my own research, analysis and research, but we're a strong team here – so it makes perfect sense to tap into the many resources at my disposal.

That's why I launched Resource Prospector Pro – to introduce the great work of my fellow editors.

If you're interested in finding out the details on my latest investment idea you can take a look at the full story by clicking here now.

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