‘Explosive Bull Market,’ says Billionaire Investor

“It was easily the most explosive bull market I have ever seen in my career.”
Unfortunately, there’s a 99% chance you are missing out.
Right now, this bull market is getting ready to surge once again. And I’d love to reveal all the details.
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That quote at the start was from a man named Rick Rule. He’s one of the most talented investors in the world . . . and 100% focused on the resource market.
Today, Rick Rule’s company – Sprott USA – manages $11.6 billion in capital. And he says this is one of the best opportunities today.
That’s why he’s BUYING these stocks.
So, what’s the sector?
In the business it’s known as “yellowcake” or “U3O8”. And most folks know it simply as uranium.
Frankly, this is one of the most overlooked markets in the world. And nobody is paying attention.
U3O8 is responsible for powering 20% of America’s homes. Yet the market for these stocks is completely overlooked.
The commodity price has surged 40% in the last year! And that’s just the start.
Because the price could easy jump 393% – reaching new highs within two to three years.
This new bull market could mint thousands of new millionaires.
Because in a “yellowcake” bull market . . . stock prices will multiply many, many times.
For example, Cameco (NYSE: CCJ) is the world’s biggest producer of U3O8.
Take a look at how the stock performed during the last bull market.
bull market
The worst stock in this sector jumped 1,233% in four years!
Rick explained that of the five uranium stocks he tracked . . . the worst performer jumped approximately 2,100%.
And the best stock?
Well, it went from one penny per share . . . to over $8.60 . . . in just three years!
With those types of gains $1,000 grows to $861,000!
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The price of uranium has been in a bear market from 2007 – 2018. Yet that changed last April – with early gains of 40%.
Right now, the price of yellowcake is around $28. Yet the cost to produce one pound of U3O8 is $60.
That creates big problems, because miners aren’t willing to produce at these prices. And that’s why the major players have already reduced global production by 20%.
In a recent interview, Rick explained that . . .
“Either the price of this commodity goes up, or the lights go out.”
Prices are going up – and it’s starting right now.
That’s why I’m BUYING these top three uranium stocks right now.
The rising price of yellowcake confirms that the market is changing. The bear market has ended – and the bull market is in the early innings.
I’ve just selected just three stocks for explosive profits – and I’d love to share the names, ticker symbols and research with you.
My just-released research reveals price targets that are 1,053% . . .  2,966% and even 4,235% above the current share price.
A small $1,000 investment in each of these stocks could balloon to $85,651!
This may sound impossible…
But it’s exactly the same thing that happened during the last bull market.
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Ian Wyatt
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