Serious Investors Are Investing in This New Bull Market

Volatility is back, and while most investors are fearful and more importantly, losing money, options sellers are confident and making money. Read more

‘Explosive Bull Market,’ says Billionaire Investor

This new bull market could mint thousands of new millionaires and these stocks could hand you bigger profits than FANG stocks, cryptos or pot stocks. Read more

Pot Stock Santa Claus Rally Starts in 4 Days

A rebound for the market could help propel a big pot stocks rally. Learn the three big reasons that this move is coming for cannabis stocks, and how to… Read more

Forget This Simple Fact and Fail as an Investor

Care for a Tide detergent pod? Not to clean your laundry, mind you, but to clean your palate. As improbable as it may seem, Tide is on the menu…. Read more

It’s Here: The Pot Stock Bull Market

With the legalization of cannabis in California and the market growing to $100 billion, there’s still tons of upside. Learn more at the Pot Stock Summit. Read more

The Next 181% Cryptocurrency Stock

Discover how to BUY IPO shares in an upcoing cryptocurrency stock. This is becoming the hottest way to invest in the blockchain – WITHOUT buying cryptos like bitcoin. Read more

Why Stocks Will Soar Into Bull Market’s 10th Year in 2018

The stage is set for the bull market’s 10th year. Here are some of the compelling reasons, including tax reform and corporate tax repatriation. Read more

Thinking of Dumping Your Stocks? Think Again

Don’t sell now. Persistent earnings growth, investor malaise, accelerating GDP growth, and low interest rates point to a major market correction that is much farther out. Read more

How to Make 30% a Month in the Next Bull Market

If you are prepared to act in the next bull market move, it will mean the biggest potential options profits of your life in this bull market for volatility. Read more

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