Pay Attention to the Next Bull Market . . . and Prepare to Act

I’ll show you how to profit from a coming a long-term trend in volatility. Prepare to act. Just ahead lies a bull market in volatility. Read more

History Points to a Stock-Market Slaughter

No one will deny that a 102-month run is a long run in the annals of bull markets. What is coming next in this bull-market run? Read more

The Cheapest Marijuana Stock

Are you missing out on the biggest bull market of 2017? The North American Marijuana Index is up 46% in the last six months. And it’s doubled in the… Read more

Marijuana Bull Market Rolls On in 2017

Despite the massive investment so far, the Canadian marijuana market is still underfunded by more than 40%. The marijuana bull market rolls on in 2017. Read more

How I Am Preparing for the Next Bull Market

If you are prepared to act in the next bull market, it will mean the biggest potential options profits of your life. Read more

Bullish or Bearish Market Outlook? One Chart Tells All

Here’s a simple way to gauge the big picture, long-term direction for the stock market. This is my favorite big-picture indicator for market outlook. Read more

Will a Major Market Correction Finally Occur in 2017?

Some worry that a market correction will befall us in 2017 after the long bull market. But consider these other factors that brighten the picture for the year, plus… Read more

Where Is the Next Bull Market?

The S&P 500 has entered the third longest bull market in U.S. market history. But the charge upward has slowed down dramatically over the past eight months. Read more

Baidu Shares Getting Left Behind

The Chinese stock market has been on one of the greatest bull runs in history. But shares of search engine company Baidu are getting left in the dust. Read more

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