Pot Stock Santa Claus Rally Starts in 4 Days

In just four days, the new marijuana bull market could be underway.pot stocks rally
Some folks call it the “Pot Stock Santa Claus Rally.”
That’s why I’m hosting this urgent briefing.
“Average” pot stocks could jump 40% to 50%  in the next month . . . and a select group of undiscovered stocks could double in this pot stocks rally.
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Now, December is typically a strong month for the market. Since 1987, the average market gains in December total 1.5%. That’s more than double the average gains in other months.
We know that the drop for the overall market sent pot stocks crashing in early October. And a rebound for the market could launch a pot stocks rally.
That’s exactly what happened last December.
Just check out the 52% gain for the Horizons Marijuana ETF (TSE: HMMJ):
pot stocks rally
That’s right – the average cannabis stock jumped 52% last December.
Of course, some stocks did even better.

  • HEXO (TSE: HEXO) grew 79%
  • Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) jumped 82%
  • Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON) surged 144%

Folks who jump into the right pot stocks right now could be looking at similar gains by Jan. 1.
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Profit from the Pot Stock Santa Claus Rally
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Why am I expecting a big move? Well, there are really three reasons.
First, we’re going to start getting cannabis sales data out of Canada.
The country fully legalized adult use of cannabis on Oct. 17.
There are apparently long lines and a backlog of customers looking to buy cannabis. That’s going to translate into huge sales growth for a select group of players.
Second, the stock market has ignored the expansion of the U.S. cannabis market.
On Nov. 6, Michigan passed a measure to legalize recreational use of cannabis. And Missouri and Utah legalized medical marijuana. These are big moves that expand the U.S. market.
Unfortunately, this has been largely overlooked by investors. That’s because the negative price movement for pot stocks – which moved lower along with the overall market – has been the primary news story.
Michigan is the #2 market for medical marijuana (after California). And we’re expecting it’ll also be the #2 market for adult cannabis use.
Third, Trump’s new attorney general will remove risk to the U.S. market.
President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions immediately after the midterm election. Sessions was very vocal in his anti-cannabis efforts. Therefore, his departure from office removes a huge risk to the U.S. cannabis companies.
Within the next 30 days, I’m expecting the appointment of a new Attorney General. And anyone appointed by Trump would be better for the sector than Sessions.
Now, some folks will wait until January to jump back into pot stocks. But that’s going to be a huge mistake . . .
Because now’s your chance to make 50% to 100% profits with the best stocks as pot stocks rally. I’ll show you exactly how to profit in the next 30 days.
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Ian Wyatt

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