Ohio Man Buys Facebook Stake for $500k

After an initial investment of $500k, this Facebook investor was able to cash out for over $1.1 billion after the company’s IPO. Read more

13 State Pension Funds: ‘We’re BUYING Pot Stocks Now’

Is your state investing in pot stocks? Check out this cannabis-related REIT in which 13 state pension funds are investing now. Read more

Why Pot Stocks Will Surge Again in 2019

During the summer doldrums, weak investors will sell their stocks and move money into other sectors. Learn why higher prices are on the way for pot stocks. Read more

New Cannabis ETF Buying This CBD Stock

A new cannabis ETF is loading up on shares of this CBD stock. Learn how you can become an early investor in one of America’s largest hemp producers. Read more

401% More Profitable Than CBD

This hemp grower, which is planting a profitable new hemp product, is planning a big IPO on the NASDAQ later this year. But you can become an early investor… Read more

Martha Stewart Launches Cannabis CBD Products

Martha Stewart is taking “living well” to a whole new level by launching cannabis CBD products in cosmetics, body care and pet care. Read more

America’s 3,623% Cannabis Growth Market

This stock could could translate into 3,623% growth in CBD products – within just four years. Learn how to get in on the ground floor. Read more

The Best Cannabis CBD Stock to Buy Now

One company in the burgeoning CBD market offers huge growth. Learn how to access this cannabis CBD stock before it goes public. Read more

2,764 Kroger Stores to Carry CBD Cannabis

Grocery giant Kroger plans to roll out CBD products in 17 states. Eventually it could sell CBD oils, food and drinks in all 2,764 retail locations. Read more

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