Florida ‘Pot Stock’ Buyout for $136.5 Million

These recent acquisitions in Florida by Canada’s Scythian Biosciences are the latest sign that the cannabis buyout boom is now underway. Read more

Why Marijuana Stocks Are Still Cheap (ends soon)

Stocks like Aurora Cannabis are still a bargain. These growth stocks are in the early stages of a developing a massive $100 billion market. Read more

John Boehner ‘Pot Stock’ Raises $119 Million

$119 million. This pre-IPO financing sets the stage for a stock debut in the coming months. Plus, the company plans to use the funds to buy out private cannabis… Read more

Jeff Sessions Approves Massachusetts Legal Weed

The U.S. attorney general’s recent remarks reflected a subtle change to his approach to legal cannabis at the state level. Legal cannabis is expected to become a $100 billion… Read more

Did You Miss the Tilray IPO? Get This $1 Pre-IPO

This is your chance to grab ground-floor shares of a cannabis stock before the next phase of the pot stock buyout boom takes place. Read more

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