Jeff Sessions Approves Massachusetts Legal Weed

Jeff Sessions just shocked cannabis advocates in Massachusetts.
Now, the U.S. attorney general has been a vocal critic of legalization. On Jan. 4, he rescinded the Obama-era “Cole Memo” and instructed federal prosecutors to enforce federal cannabis laws.
That’s why Sessions’ comments at a Boston press conference were so surprising . . .
“Personally, my view is that the American republic will not be better if there are marijuana sales on every street corner, but states have a right to set their own laws and will do so, and we will follow the federal law.”
That view is a huge change for the attorney general.
Legal cannabis will be a $100 billion market. The massive growth is sparking a new “buyout boom.” And it’s handing early investors remarkable profits.
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Sessions has been at odds with President Trump and Colorado Republican Senator Cory Booker . . . both of whom say the federal government should not infringe upon states’ rights.
The chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission was shocked . . .
If that’s what he said, boy, I think that’s pretty interesting and good. I was both surprised and pleased . . . ”
This could be big news for Massachusetts.
In a 2016 referendum, 53.6% of Massachusetts voters approved cannabis for recreational use. The vote helped form a state marijuana commission and called for regulations similar to alcohol.
Nearly two years later, the state is still trying to launch recreational sales through retail stores.
The reason is because there isn’t a cannabis testing lab in the state. And as of late June, no applications had been completed.
The state Cannabis Control Commission currently has 61 applications for cannabis businesses in the state.
The first Massachusetts retail locations are expected to open in August, according to one industry consultant.
Massachusetts is the 14th largest state, with 6.7 million people.
That market is small compared with California . . .
Yet Massachusetts has nearly the same population as Washington state . . . where sales reached nearly $1.5 billion in 2017.
Meanwhile, there are 5.3 million people in Colorado. Cannabis sales also reached $1.49 billion in the Centennial State last year.
Within three to four years, we expect that Massachusetts cannabis sales could also reach $1.5 billion.
Legal cannabis is sweeping across North America.
Massachusetts sales will commence in August.
Canada recreational stores will be OPEN for business on Oct. 17.
And on Nov. 6, residents in Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska and Utah are expected to vote on legal cannabis referendums.
The rapid expansion is sparking a new BUYOUT BOOM in the sector . . .
. . . Making early investors a fortune.
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