America’s 3,623% Cannabis Growth Market

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Unlike marijuana, hemp is 100% legal in all 50 states.
Cannabidiol – also known simply as “CBD” is a natural chemical from hemp. And it’s now being used for a wide range of health benefits.
The market for CBD is absolutely booming.
Last year, U.S. sales of CBD products totaled $591 million. And that may seem large – until you consider the sales projections.

  • Cowen & Co: $16 billion by 2025
  • Forbes Magazine: $20 billion by 2024
  • Brightfield Group: $22 billion by 2022

That could translate into 3,623% growth in CBD products – within just four years!
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That’s why the New York Times Magazine recently ran a cover story titled “Can CBD Really Do All That?” CBD products
The article explains “How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all, fueling scientific trials, self-experimentation and a pop-culture craze all at once.”
A recent survey from Cowen & Co. indicates that 20% of American adults have tried CBD products recently. Plus, another 7% use CBD on nearly a daily basis.
That translates into a market of 17.9 million Americans!
CBD products are now going mainstream with products carried at Amazon, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger’s, The Vitamin Shoppe and Walgreens.
Growing distribution means these new CBD products are easily accessible throughout the U.S.
In fact, revenues from CBD products are growing much more quickly that legal marijuana.
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That may sound impossible – until you realize that the company is being launched by three cannabis insiders.
These insiders have experienced huge success with pot stocks – including four IPOs within the last five years!
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  • 134% in Plus Products
  • 552% on Emblem Corp.
  • 1,039% in Organigram
  • 1,151% in The Green Organic Dutchman

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