The Next 181% Cryptocurrency Stock

Fellow Investor,
Just around lunchtime on Tuesday, one NYSE stock made a big announcement:
Kodak Launches Major Blockchain Initiative and Cryptocurrencydividend investing strategy
That news sent KODK shares trading from $3.10 before the news . . . to above $12. Even after the dust settled, shares closed the week just shy of $9.
That’s enough for 181% gains in just four days for this cryptocurrency stock!
One new Bitcoin IPO could be the next triple-digit winner.
It’s a global Bitcoin exchange that makes it super simple for people to BUY bitcoins. The company earns a healthy 7.5% fee on every transaction.
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The Next Big Cryptocurrency Stock
Investors have been jumping into cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, sending its price soaring 1,318% in 2017. That’s sparked a rush of interest in bitcoin and blockchain companies. And as investors jump into these stocks, we’re seeing quick triple-digit gains.
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Earnings season started on Jan. 8 with Alcoa reporting year-end earnings results. This step-by-step article shows you how to trade earnings for quick profits.
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Bitcoin Profits, WITHOUT Buying a Single Coin
If there was a “blue chip of cryptos,” it would be bitcoin. With a market value of $254 billion, bitcoin is twice the size of the next largest cryptocurrency, ethereum.
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