The Cannabis Bull Market of 2018

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For the last six months, I’ve been screaming from the hilltops . . .cannabis pot marijuana
Frankly, lots of folks thought I was a little crazy.
Even some of my best friends through it was a little odd that I was talking up “legal weed.” After all, I’m not exactly an avid user of the product.
My view has been pretty simple: 2018 is a big year for pot stocks for two big reasons.
Reason #1: California
Reason #2: Canada
These two new markets effectively triple the size of the market for legal cannabis in North America (click here for my top “pot stocks” in the cannabis bull market).
Consider that the population of all U.S. states that had 100% legalization was 29.2 million.
That was before Jan. 1, 2018 when California legalized recreational use. With a population of 39.3 million, California doubles the size of the market.
Plus, on July 1, Canada will go live with a population of 36.3 million.
That means the market size is increasing from 29 million in 2017 to 104 million in 2018. That’s a 259% increase in the market size.
Cannabis stocks started surging in late December.
Here’s the North American Marijuana Index over the last month:
marijuana index pot stocks
That’s a 62% in the last month.
Stocks are pulling back in the last couple days. I’m expecting that this is a temporary pullback.
Whenever my favorite stocks are DOWN, I use that as a buying opportunity.
My top five Canadian cannabis stocks stand to profit from legalization in 2018. And the current decline is a great time to get in.
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Market Snapshot

Weekly Performance (Monday – Friday):
North American Index: -8.8%
Horizon Medical Marijuana ETF: -9.7%
When it comes to “pot stocks,” you definitely do NOT want to own an index.
It’s all about picking the RIGHT STOCKS.
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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