It’s Here: The Pot Stock Bull Market

Pot stocks are taking off in January, following the full legalization in the great state of California.pot stock bull market
The market has the potential to double in size in 2018.
With the market growing to $100 billion, there’s still tons of upside.
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Apple Prepares for Record Dividend Payout
Apple could announce the world’s biggest dividend in the coming weeks. Here’s how much shareholders could expect to collect.
California Pot Stock Summit
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President Trump Approves Record Dividends
There’s no doubt that the tax reform legislation is designed to line the pockets of wealthy Americans, corporations and shareholders in publicly traded stocks.
2018 Dividend Calendar Pays Out $1,434 Per Month
This ground-breaking calendar will help you line up $1,434 in monthly income payments for the entire year! Plus, I’ll give you instant access to the January 2018 payment schedule! Click here for the details.
Shocking Prediction: Huge Dividends in 2018
Last night, I sat down with Steve to talk about his #1 income strategy for 2018. Here’s a transcript of our conversation.
Dividend Tsunami Starts Now
Political events to end last year have motivated companies to pay dividends like never before.
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Ian Wyatt

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