Have You Been Made a Fool By the Euro?

If you're anything like the average investor (and I sincerely hope you're not) then you were once again fooled into bullishness by the non-news of the non-event coming from the Euro-zone.

The details are unimportant – and that's not just because I dismiss nearly every daily news item – it's because they are meaningless even as a news item.

Nothing has changed. The big news that's being touted right now is that England abstained from joining in the latest Euro-zone treaty. But England isn't in the Euro-zone! They have their own currency, and despite all of the stupid moves the English government has made, staying out of the Euro looks pretty brilliant right now.

The good news, really though (even though it's bad news) is that this inactivity will boost commodity prices. There's no way around it.

As I said, the crowd has been fooled into bullishness – which is why the S&P 500 spiked another percent higher today.

But remember this simple fact: the domestic stock market is in the middle of a bear market.

The bear has one job to do, and that's to fool people into piling into the market at the worst possible time.

Don't be fooled. Stay strong in your precious metal, energy and agriculture holdings.

If the Euro-zone breaks up (as it eventually will) that event will be bullish for commodities. And the longer the Euro sticks around, the tighter the spring will coil to boost commodities during the event of its demise.

The entire situation is honestly a joke. This latest Euro-zone meeting was touted as a do or die situation. If you've been keeping count, we've had about one of these events every two months.

And every time, the market gets fooled into believing that the Euro-zone did it – because, hey! It's still hasn't died.

But it's dying. That's the point. Piling into stocks now is making a bet that it's not dying.

Don't be fooled.

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