Oversee Destruction of Dollar, Then Retire

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner may
step down soon:

Secretary Timothy Geithner has told President Barack Obama that he is
considering stepping down soon after policy makers agree to raise the
government’s borrowing limit, a person familiar with the matter said."

Only in government is it possible for you to increase your debts and then call
it a job well done. Think about it: when former General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner
left GM – it was because he had driven the company into the ground with too much
debt, and lagging sales.

In fact, it was the Obama Administration that fired Wagoner in 2009 – because of
his performance.

Tim Geithner is effectively the CEO of the Treasury, and since he came into
power in January of 2009, the Treasury added about $3 trillion in new debt. I
know you might be thinking that Geithner has very little power to In fact, he’s
actually been

an advocate for more debt.

Moreover – and this part is not for the faint of heart – he has threatened
public pensions and Social Security payments.

In a letter to Harry Reid
, Geithner spells it out:

"If Congress failed to increase the debt limit, a broad range of government payments
would have to be stopped, limited or delayed, including military salaries and
retirement benefits, Social Security and Medicare payments, interest on the
debt, unemployment benefits and tax refunds."

So, after threatening pensioners and Social Security recipients in order to get
Congress to raise the debt ceiling the last time, and being a strong advocate
again this time, Tim Geithner can hang up his gun and badge and walk off into
the sunset – or to work in the private sector. Who knows.

This type of bureaucrat should be on trial for debasing the dollar, greasing the
wheels for well-connected banking concerns to graft the American public of their
honest money.

Instead, he’ll get a slap on the back and a handshake from President Obama for a
job well done.

This system is so perverse. In a world where our government ministers openly
advocate for endless piles of debt, the only rational conclusion you can make is
to own physical gold and silver.

On this 4th of July, I want you to think about the principles this country was
founded on: personal liberty, freedom to live as you will as long as you do not
infringe on the rights of others. The currency system our government now props
up completely runs contrary to those principles. So buying gold and silver is an
act of personal perseverance and rebellion against this corrupt system.

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