Why Rebels Buy Gold and Silver

The end is near for one of the world’s greatest tyrants. 40+ years ago, the world allowed a ruthless dictator to come into power. This dictator used their power to fund endless war, terror and State sponsored killings, theft, imprisonment – even torture.

But lately, that power is on the wane. Loyal supporters continue to deny that anything is wrong – or even that anything is changed.

I might be talking about Muammar Gadhafi, but I could just as easily be talking about the Federal Reserve Note, or dollar, in common parlance.

Because as bad a guy as I think Gadhafi might be, he just can’t measure up to the crimes against humanity that the dollar has paid for.

But I’m not writing to give you a history lesson. You’re well aware of the almost permanent state of war our government has us believing we’re in. If it’s not Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Grenada, Panama, Bosnia or Iraq again – we’re still at War with Terror and Drugs.

You know about our torture cells in foreign countries. You know about drone attacks that have killed thousands of civilians.

You can open up your newspaper every day and read about these crimes, and others, that the dollar unbound by the physics of honest money makes possibly.

And while I’m thoroughly convinced the greatest attribute to having a fiat currency is that it allows you to fund wars – this is a financial newsletter, not a government history letter.

So I’ll focus on the truly massive financial crime that an unbacked dollar makes possible: theft.

Since 1971 when President Richard Nixon detached the dollar from gold, the value of the dollar diminished over 80% – and that’s just according to the Federal Government’s inflation statistics. The number is probably closer to 90-95%.

And that’s enough of a crime for me. So I’m rebelling from the dollar – and protesting the very existence of the Federal Reserve: an entity that was created with the explicit purpose of taking the Congressional power of money coinage out of the hands of elected officials, and straight into the welcoming arms of an independent banking syndicate.

How can we rebel against the dollar and protest the Fed?

We must buy gold and silver. This latest correction just happens to make it a great time to do so.

So I hope you’ll join me. Tomorrow, when Ben Bernanke is sitting in some cozy nook of Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the members of nearly every major bank on the planet, let’s send him a message straight between his eyes: we’re rebelling against your currency, and buying gold and silver.

We’re not going to sit idly by while you coordinate the destruction of the wealth that we’ve sweated and bled to earn – with our own honest work.

We’re buying gold and silver because we just don’t trust central bankers or politicians to do anything but devalue the dollar.

We’re buying gold and silver because it’s the only way to guarantee our capital does not become a political football or a corporatist bailout.

And if you want to steal our gold and silver, it’s going to be much more difficult than the theft you perpetrated against our dollars.

If you’d like to know how to best buy gold and silver, I’ve written a quide that I am giving away for free, simply titled "A Gold and Silver Buyer’s Guide."

Have a great weekend – and PLEASE don’t forget to buy gold and silver.

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