A Monthly Forecast That’s 83% Reliable

My trading forecast for the month of September is playing out according to plan. Some of the folks I shared my forecast with have already used it to make as much as 31% profit since Monday…

And it isn’t even September yet…

The biggest gains are just days away.

My name is Brit Ryle. I’m the newest member of the amazing team of
investment experts at Wyatt Investment Research.

I was recruited for my 25 years of experience and expertise spotting high probability trading opportunities – like the current profit opportunity that has just opened.

On Monday, I shared my trading forecast for September with you, a valuable Daily Profit reader. And I’m sharing it again today, in case you missed it.

Don’t worry, my trading forecast for September is totally free for Daily Profit readers. Think of it as a “thank you” gift for loyal readers like you.

It’s called “Profit Windows Trading Game Plan for September.” And you have immediate access to the profitable insights, just click HERE.

Now, you may be wondering “what’s a Profit Window?” I’ll show you exactly what I mean…

Consistent Gains from Profit Windows

We all know the stock market moves higher and lower, all the time. And there are times when the next move for the market – which way it is likely to move — is obvious.

These highly predictable moments look to me like a window of opportunity for making some money has opened up. I call them Profit Windows.

Now, I have 25 years of experience trading and investing. I’ve seen just about every kind of pattern and trading environment there is. But I don’t simply rely on my experience and insights…

I use data. Lots of it.

In fact, for my free Profit Windows Trading Game Plan for September report, I looked back over the last 25 years of stock market data and compiled my findings for you. The money-making window of opportunity that just opened – the September Profit Window – has played 83% of the time over the last 25 years.

It doesn’t get much simpler – or more reliable – than this.

You could do what most investors do and simply guess about what’s ahead during September, which some people will tell you is the worst month of the year for stocks…

You could flip a coin…

Or you could take a look at my Profit Windows Trading Game Plan for September and put the odds in your favor with a forecast that’s 83% reliable.

This isn’t a sales pitch. I’m not asking you to break out your credit card.

Thanks for reading,

Brit Ryle

P.S. I’m also hosting a live webinar on August 31 at 12pm ET / 9am PT.
Inside this live event I’ll share details on what’s ahead in September. I’ll walk
you through my research and the charts so you’ll fully understand my
forecast and why it’s so reliable.

PLUS – during this special webinar, I’ll walk you through one trade that you
can make that will take advantage of September’s trading action.

Just click here to get the report – and RSVP for the webinar.

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