AI And The End of Work

ChatGPT and OpenAI are sparking a wave of technology innovation.

It’s creating unlimited opportunities for those who embrace AI – and integrate it into their work.

AI will unleash huge gains in productivity. And it’ll also destroy millions of jobs along the way.

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300 million jobs worldwide will be destroyed by Artificial Intelligence, according to Goldman Sachs.

That’s largely because AI will allow workers to be more productive. That means that companies will be able to get the same amount of work done with fewer people.

Technology breakthroughs always create fear and uncertainty.

However, they also create huge opportunities for companies, individuals, and investors.

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In many ways – Artificial Intelligence reminds me of the Internet in 1996.

Back in 1996 lots of folks blew off the internet as another fad. Older people were generally dismissive.

There was a lot of reluctance to replace the fax machine with email. And there was hesitation to TRUST anything on “the web.”

Gradually over a 5-year period the Internet made its way into homes with those AOL and Prodigy CDs. And it was quickly adopted at college campuses and businesses by the early 2000s.

There were lots of losers along the way…

Newspapers. Classified ads. Video rental stores. The entire music industry. The yellow pages. Bookstores. Taxis.

Of course, there was also many winners…

Search engines like Google. Video streaming from Netflix. Online shopping from Amazon. Ridesharing from Uber and Lyft.

Millions of jobs were destroyed. Yet they were replaced with new jobs that we couldn’t even imagine in the early 1990s such as…

Bloggers. Search Engine Optimization specialist. YouTubers. Google and Facebook Ad Manager.  Uber drivers. Instacart shoppers. Airbnb host.

There are more jobs in America than ever before.

This chart shows 105 million jobs in America in 1996. And by 2022 the number grew to 132 million.

That’s because technology innovations create greater prosperity and abundance.

Will AI of Kill Jobs?
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Number of full-time employees U.S. 2022 | Statista

Will Artificial Intelligence usher in “The End of Work”?

For some people – the answer is YES.

Millions of jobs will be destroyed. Companies that fail to adapt will go out of business. And entire industries will be turned upside down.

Yet AI is already creating new jobs that we couldn’t imagine a few years ago.

Had you ever heard of an “AI Prompt Engineer” before 2023? That’s now a job title that’s very in demand.

AI will continue to create millions of new jobs – replacing the old ones.

It’s also creating tremendous opportunities for companies that embrace this technology – and evolve their business.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

P.S. Don’t be scared of AI.

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