AI stock jumps 196% (chart)

One AI stock is taking off…

It’s up 196% since January 1.

It’s the latest stock profiting from Elon Musk’s DoJo Artificial Initiative.

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The company is called SoundHound (NASDAQ: SOUN).

SoundHound provides AI voice solutions.

It operates with two primary businesses.

  1. Interactive voice for cars and TVs.
  2. AI voice software for restaurants.

The stock appears to be getting tons of attention from investors.

This latest move started mid-February.

That’s when Nvidia disclosed that it owned a stake in SoundHound.

SoundHound also indicated that it’s working with a premier AI chip company. And that’s thought to be Nvidia as well.

The company just reported earnings.

Quarterly results show an 80% increase in revenues. Plus, the company expects to continue growing rapidly this year and next.

SoundHound shares fell Friday after earnings fell short of expectations.

It seems that the stock was unable to live up to the recent hype.

SoundHound is now valued at around $1.5 billion.

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