Another Tech Giant Joins the AI Race

It’s official: Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) just joined the AI race…

Becoming the latest big name who wants to tap into the massive power of AI.

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Intel recently held a software developer conference in Silicon Valley.

In it, the tech giant demonstrated laptops that could generate a song in the style of Taylor Swift and answer questions in a conversational style, all while being disconnected from the Internet.

They’re also working on a new chip called “Arrow Lake,” which will come out next year.

And although it’s a CPU chip and not a GPU chip like what Nvida (NASDAQ: NVDA) makes… they’re basically making it to gain traction against Nvidia.

Intel also announced they’re building a supercomputer that would be used by Stability AI, a startup that makes image-generating software.

They’re also working on a software called OpenVINO…

… which will run its own language model – similar to ChatGPT.

And they also talked about a whole bunch of chips they’re working on, which are probably going to get better and better at running various AI tasks.

Ever since the AI boom started…

Companies have the potential to revolutionize their business with new products.

And investors who jump into the right trades RIGHT NOW could see massive profits too.

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Because we are on the early stages of an AI tsunami.

Consider some of the biggest transformational tech trends of the last 20 years…

Just like e-commerce… social media… and cloud computing.

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AI is THE #1 breakthrough technology for the next decade.

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Frankly, this could be just like…

  • Investing in Amazon in 1997 in the early days of e-commerce
  • Buying Apple stock when they introduced the iPhone and launched the smartphone boom
  • Scooping up Netflix when they launched streaming video

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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