Apple AI iPhone Supercycle

The new “AI iPhone” will be released in September.

That could jumpstart sales for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL).

iPhone users will be forced to upgrade if they want Apple’s latest AI features.

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Apple has a big problem…

iPhone generates over 50% of Apple’s sales. Yet sales aren’t growing. The number of iPhones being sold dropped in each of the last two years.

  • 2019: 187million
  • 2020: 197 million
  • 2021: 242 million
  • 2022: 232 million
  • 2023: 231 million

The reason is simple…

People are keeping their iPhones longer. They’re simply not upgrading every year or two.

Apple’s sales and profits have flatlined as a result.

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Apple is desperate to grow iPhone sales.

The new Apple Intelligence initiative could be the solution.

That’s because Apple’s AI will only be available on the iPhone 15 and newer models.

There are 1.5 billion iPhones in use around the world. And only 5% of them are the iPhone 15.

95% of iPhone users will need to upgrade – if they want access to Apple’s AI features.

This will spark an iPhone upgrade supercycle with the iPhone 15 and 16 (coming out in September).

Sales and profits for Apple should accelerate. And that could boost the share price.

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