Bank of America: Get These 2 Stocks

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) just revealed…

A new buy signal that could trigger an 11% upswing in the S&P 500 next year – as well as two stocks that could make you +22% in the next 12 months.

But why wait an entire year when you could make 125% in just 24 days?

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Savita Subramanian is BofA’s head of US equity & quantitative strategy.

And she sees a strong BUY signal that investors should note.

She’s pointing out the Sell Side Indicator, a sentiment gauge that has a good track record of identifying shifts in sentiment on Wall Street.

Right now, the indicator is three times closer to BUY than SELL…

… which suggests a bullish future for equities.

In Subramanian’s own words:

“The SSI has been a reliable contrarian indicator – in other words, it has been a bullish signal when Wall Street was extremely bearish, and vice versa…”

Adding that…

“While higher rates have weighed on equity sentiment, we believe corporates and consumers may hold up better than expected as they have time to adapt.”

According to Subramanian, the Sell Side indicator is pointing towards an 11% gain on the S&P 500 in 2024.

And two of the stocks that BofA likes right now are:

  • MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB)
  • Northern Trust (NASDAQ: NTRS)

Based on Bank of America analysts’ price targets…

These two stocks could make you 22% and 23% in 12 months respectively.

But why wait an entire year for those gains when you could make 125% in 24 days?

See, after realizing that AI was going to be huge…

We’ve spent the last year developing – and refining – a brand new approach to trading using something known as predictive AI.

It’s called the AI Trading Agent.

Right now, it’s accurately predicting the future stock price for any stock – with 80% accuracy. 

Once we know where a stock price is going – it’s easy to create winning trades. 

For example, a few of our recent winners have included…

  • 32.9% on Intel in 14 days
  • 41.7% on Invesco in 3 days
  • 42.3% on Fiserve in 27 days
  • 46.7% on Autodesk in 17 days
  • 57.4% on Adobe in 24 days
  • 60.6% on Home Depot in 12 days
  • 66.0% on SAIA in 14 days
  • 72.1% on Teleflex in 6 days
  • 81.0% on L3Harris in 4 days
  • 125.0% on RLI in 24 days

So, how exactly does this work?

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