Billionaires Reveal Their New AI Picks

Hedge fund billionaires are jumping into Artificial Intelligence stocks – to the tune of over $1.7 billion.

They’re buying up the biggest blue chip tech stocks. Yet they’re missing out on pure-play AI stocks for the biggest gains.

One my top AI stocks could jump 874% or even more.

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Why aren’t they buying these AI stocks with the greatest upside?

It’s simply because they have too much money…

If you’re managing $10 or $20 billion – you’ve got to invest in large and mega-cap stocks. You simply can’t buy a sizable stake in smaller company that’s valued at just $1 billion or $2 billion.

Instead, you’ve got to go hunting for bigger stocks. And frankly, that gives us a huge advantage to BUY these 4 undiscovered AI stocks.

$1.7 Billion Says BUY These AI Stocks

Most folks have never heard of Steve Cohen. 

That’s despite the fact that he’s one of the best hedge fund managers. And he used his fortune to buy the New York Mets.

Cohen is the inspiration for Bobby Axelrod in Showtime’s hit show Billions.

The hedge fund Titan explained at a New York conference…

That most investors are too worried about a recession and market downturn. And he says “I’m actually pretty bullish.”

The reason? Artificial Intelligence.

Cohen expects AI to unleash a big wave of increased productivity. It will create millions of new jobs – while destroying others. The increased productivity will create deflation for the U.S. economy – helping the Fed achieve its goals.

Other hedge fund giants are also jumping into stocks to profit from AI.

“AI is very, very real and could be every bit as impactful as the internet,”explained Stanley Drunkenmiller. 

Drunkenmiller has been scooping up shares of NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) – investing a total of $430 million.

Meanwhile, David Tepper invested nearly $42 million in NVDA in the first quarter. Plus, he piled $200 million into Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG).

Finally, there’s Bill Ackman. His hedge fund bought $1 billion of Alphabet. That equals approximately a 10% stake in his portfolio.

I’m 100% bullish on AI and the big tech stocks.

Alphabet has been a long-term holding – with gains of 813% in my portfolio. Microsoft is a newer position – with a 26% gain since February.

Yet I’m confident that my biggest AI profits will NOT be from these tech giants. Instead, I know that the biggest winners will be the pure-play AI stocks. 

It’s critical that buy the highest quality AI stocks – before they get discovered.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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