Blackrock’s AI Trading Gameplan

Blackrock is investing billions in this new AI trading technology.

However, the firm will NOT make this available to you.

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Blackrock manages $9.1 trillion of investments and has 19,000 employees.

That makes it the world’s biggest asset manager.

It’s making a huge investment in Blackrock created AI labs.

It currently has 4,000 people working on the project.

Blackrock is building its own AI tools – rather than partnering with a company like OpenAI.

Here’s an excerpt from Blackrock’s private employee memo…

“In the last year, we’ve seen a mass proliferation of GenAI that we believe will fundamentally change how the world operates.

Like the advancement of the personal computer, internet and mobile phone, the promise and potential of GenAI to transform how we work and live is enormous.”

Only Blackrock employees will get access to this AI trading technology.

However, every investor needs to be using this new breakthrough to improve trading.

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