ChatGPT Launches New AI Assistant

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OpenAI just released its newest Chatbot called ChatGPT-4o.

This is a huge step toward creating an Artificial Intelligence Assistant.

ChatGPT already has 180 million users and over $2 billion in annual sales. This new breakthrough could help It could spark the next phase of growth.

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ChatGPT-4o is twice as fast as the previous version. Plus, it’s much more efficient and costs 50% less to operate.

People can communicate with the new chatbot using text, audio, video, and images.

ChatGPT-4o is able to have a conversation – just like you might have with an assistant.

I was able to speak into the ChatGPT app and ask for the best restaurant recommendations in Burlington Vermont.

During the conversation I interrupted ChatGPT. I explained that I actually wanted sushi restaurants. And ChatGPT immediately began sharing those recommendations.

The real breakthrough is conversation. It really seems like you’re interacting with a person.

Here are some examples how people can use this new AI assistant:

  • Real time translation between languages
  • Serve as a tutor and provide real-time conversational help
  • Help you prepare for an interview

You’re probably familiar with Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Siri if you have an iPhone.

The new ChatGPT-4o is a remarkable improvement from Siri.

This new AI assistant is now being offered for free.

My prediction is that this will make AI even more accessible to millions of people.

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